Faculty Resource Network, New York University
and particularly,

…Debra M. Szybinski, Executive Director
…Anne L. Ward, Assistant Director

The Colleagues of the 2011 FRN Scholar-in-Residence Program.

The people who collaborated with their insights, interviews, etc:

  • Clay Shirky (NYU, Tisch School, Professor of Communications)
  • Mikhail Gershovich (CUNY, Director of Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute, Baruch College)
  • Luke Waltzer (CUNY, Fellow for Instructional Technology & Administrator of the CUNY platform Blogs@Baruch, Baruch College)
  • Thomas Harbison, (CUNY, Fellow for Instructional Technology, Baruch College)
  • GNA Garcia (University of Connecticut, Hartford, PhD student in Ed. Psychology)
  • Deena Engel (NYU, Computer Science)
  • Heather Stewart (NYU, Associate Vice President for Global Technology)
  • Sava Saheli Singh (NYU, Steinhard Scool, PhD student)
  • Michael B. Smith (CUNY, Communications Technology)
  • Andy Rutkowski (NYU, Bobst Library)
  • William Costanzo (SUNY, Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York, Professor of English and Film)
  • Deena Engel (NYU, Computer Science)
  • Ricki Goldman (NYU, Steinhard School)
  • Michael Wesch (Kansas State University)
  • W. Gardner Campbell (Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning, and Associate Professor of Literature and Media at Baylor University.


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