This is the plan for the book

[NOTE: The chapters already done are in Italics; some links point to Wikipedia entries of interest]


Zen of Teaching
Higher Education
What is wrong with Higher Ed?
What Will they Learn
General Education (Core Curriculum)

Myths of teaching, learning & technology

Myth Zero: Learning Happens in the Classroom

  1. Myth One: The World is changing. Education stays the same
  2. Myth Two: The Shallows
  3. Myth Three: Teaching and Learning
  4. Myth Four: Curricula
  5. Myth Five: Teachers: can we be replaced by machines?
  6. Myth Six: Sitting Through Lectures
  7. Myth Seven: Technology & Content: The Classical Struggle
  8. Myth Eight: Teaching in one-minute “snippets”?
  9. Myth Nine: Teachers’ Education
  10. Myth Ten: Elementary School, Watson!
  11. Myth Eleven: Quizzes Considered Harmful
  12. Myth Twelve: Lectures, explanations, etc.
  13. Myth Thirteen: Content
  14. Other Myths:
    • Learning Styles
    • Science vs. Humanities?
    • The Problem Is Not In The Method
    • Copyright
    • Portfolios
    • Studying
    • Assessment
    • XXI Century Skills

New World: Learning from the myths

  1. World Wide Web
  2. Knowledge
  3. Edupunk
  4. Connectivism, PLN
  5. Social
  6. Open Ed, Open Access
  7. MOOC
  8. Remix & Mashup
  9. Storytelling
  10. Is teaching storytelling?
  11. Science
  12. Instructional Design
  13. The World is Flat, Ain’t It?

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Myths of Teaching, Learning & Technology